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The best phone cases for the OnePlus 6

OnePlus is continuing the trend of affordable, yet premium phones. The OnePlus 6 is an affordable device with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a compact top-notch. There’s a 6-inch high-resolution screen with glass on the front and the back and aluminum around the sides. The dual camera’s on the back offer 16MP and 20MP images with a 16MP front-facing camera. The top-notch follows the trend of other phones. The trend began with the Essential PH-1but has ramped up with the release of the iPhone X.

While the OnePlus is relatively affordable, it’s still more expensive than all of the other OnePlus phones. The 64GB option is $530, the 128GB option is $580, and the 256GB option is $630. Even at these prices, I always recommend putting a case on your phone. It helps alleviate the stress from drops or falls. ¬†When the phone launches on May 21st, these cases are the best options at first.

Clear Love Series CaseOnePlus 6 Case

Buy Now: $8.99

A simple yet functional case is always on the top of my list. The clear case with shock-absorbing edges will fit your phone, protect it from falls and not stick out. There are cutouts for all the buttons and the rear camera. The bumper on the side offers protection all around, and the hardback lets you still see the phone. Not only does it protect your phone, the case feels fantastic in the hands. Being able to grip the outer edge helps.

For only $8.99, the phone case is a total steal!

Rugged Clear Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Case

Buy Now: $16.95

If you want something a little more rugged, this case will surely get the job done. The robust outer protection absorbs any falls or drops. The case comes with a glass screen protector to prevent scratches or other cosmetic issues. The transparent back offers the back glass scratch protection while still letting you see the beauty of your phone.

Yes, the case is $16.96 but for the extra money, you will have the best case around.

Flip Folio Leather Cover Case

OnePlus 6 Case

Buy Now: $9.99

Wanting to slim down your wallet to your phone is something easier said than done. Most wallet cases are bulky or don’t offer your phone any protection. The Flip filo case here provides 360-degrees of protection. The front and back of the phone will always have protection when in your pocket or bag. Plus, the phone will have a hand case within the filo to keep it safe from any falls when the front isn’t closed.

At $9.99, you cannot go wrong with the Flip filo case.

Dretal Carbon Fiber Case

OnePlus 6 Case

Buy Now: $4.98

The cheapest case isn’t the least protection. The carbon fiber case offers the same shock absorbing features as the previous ones but in a similar body. You’ll have precision cut power and volume buttons to quickly change the volume or turn the screen on or off. You’ll also get the front lip to help protect the front of the screen. The carbon fiber finish is sleek and fits almost anyone’s style.

For only $4.98, you cannot find a better deal for any OnePlus 6 case.

Wrap up

Release day is May 21st, which is right around the corner. If you’ve already pre-ordered your phone or planning on getting it the first day, you should pick up a case today. Having your phone without a case is a risky gamble, and while the Gorilla Glass is better than ever, there is always the risk of dents or broken screens. While there are not many cases out of the OnePlus 6, this handful of cases will not only get the job done; they won’t break the bank!

Tell me in the comments below what you think about the cases! Which one are you going to pick up for your new phone?