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Best cases for the Essential Phone

At first, no one would sell a phone case for the Essential phone. Now, maybe you’ve been waiting for a case since you first bought the phone back when it launched, or perhaps you bought the Essential phone during the Cyber Monday sale for $399. Either way, the Essential phone isn’t all that durable. Putting a case on the phone will help you protect your phone for the next year or so.

While I’ve avoided the Essential phone because of the poor camera quality, instead opting for the Pixel, I’ve admired the design and value of the device. If you do have an Essential phone, let me know if you have a case on your device or opted against one.

Tudia Minimal Case Tudia Minimal Case

Buy Now: $12.90

The Tudia minimal case is similar to the Incipio clear case, but the gel is less clear. It’s a similar rubberized silicon gel that’ll protect from bumps or falls but won’t show your phones glory off. You have easy access to all the buttons and ports. The raised edges also prevent the screen from being scratched and being broken when dropped. The soft grip helps you feel safe when you’re holding the PH-1.

Tudia Carbon Fiber CaseTudia Carbon Fiber Case

Buy Now: $12.90

The carbon fiber case offers a little more design to the case than the other options. It still provides the same level of protection with raised edges to prevent the front screen from breaking and covered buttons. The carbon fiber also provides extra grip to prevent the phone from falling out of your hands, something that often happens to me. The case is a rubberized gel which feels better than some hard plastic options.

Tudia Low Profile CaseEssential Tudia Low Profile Case

Buy Now: $10.90

I think the Tudia low profile case is hands down the best case on this list if you’re sold on the modules for the Essential phone. The case is compatible with the 360-degree camera, thanks to the cut out in the back. Even with the cutout, the case can protect from drops and falls. The case is made of hard plastic but still is easy to slip on and off.

Incipio Clear Case

Incipio Clear Case

Buy Now: $18.50

Essential believes phone cases shouldn’t be made for their phone because it hides the design of the phone. If you’re in the camp with Essential but still believe you’ll drop and break your phone, then the Incipio clear case is for you. The case is made from a shock absorbing plastic that doesn’t tear or fade over time. It’s a perfect case if you expect to keep your phone for more than a year or even two. I’d go as far as saying the Incipio case will offer the most protection of any case on this list.

Wrap up

If you have the PH-1, there are more cases available now. While there aren’t as many as there are for the iPhone or Pixel, there’s a handful to pick from. You can have a clear case to follow the Essential mantra of no case or pick one that’ll work with the 360-degree camera. No matter which one you choose you can find a case that’ll fit your needs. Maybe shortly, some more stylish cases will make the rounds.

Let me know which case you buy in the comments below! Also, let me know if you don’t think the phone should have a case.