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Either you want to advertise on the site, or you want to see some stats and prices. Digital Bounds has a small loyal gather who are interested in technology services and products. The Digital Bounds brand also described nicked named DB, continues to show month after month growth. The products and services that we endorse officially and unofficially are lifetimes partners.

Working With Us

As I said our services and products we recommend go through a series of test with our staff. We won’t take advertisers that we believe cannot meet the expectation of our fabulous DB readers. We want to feel knowledgeable, friendly, and comfortable when we recommend your product or service to our friends, family, and more importantly our readers. What I’m trying to say here is we are extremely exclusive because we try the product before we recommend. There are a handful of different ways to advertise through video, written, and other forms of media.


16,931 unique visitors per month

30,876 page views per month

200 YouTube subscribers

1,040 Twitter followers

160 Facebook fans

About our audience

Our audience is savvy, influential, and affluent. They know technology and more often than not work with a startup.

  • Education: 50% have a college degree; 17% graduate degree or above
  • Household Income: 40% $65k and above; $90k average
  • Gender: 60% male


Front Page: Our team is actively working on integrating ads into the new theme. We are taking advertisers to work with to design beautiful, clean, and efficient ads.

Front Page (includes sponsor bar below the trending news, and can include the box native ads) – $130/month

Newsletter Sponsor – $90/email

Single Post – $90/month

Video Sponsor: – $50/video

Sponsored Posts: $150/post

Full buyout*: $400/month

*A full buyout includes all ads and will last for a month