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About Us

Digital Bounds is a passion project of Leon Hitchens, which started out as a way to justify his obsession with technology. Now, it’s become a place for thousands of readers to find the latest Kickstarter, podcast, or gadget they’ll need in their daily lives.

We are an independent organization striving to have quality content you’ll enjoy, and that’ll help you in your day to day lives. While other tech outlets flood their sites with advertisements and other crap blocking the real content, we feel that we must disrupt the norm. While revenue is a beneficial motivator- it isn’t our priority. Our priority has been (and always will be) to deliver quality content and information to you, the reader so that you leave the site with more knowledge and insight about the topics you’ve first ventured into the place to read about.

In the News

From time to time, other news organizations highlight the work we are doing at Digital Bounds. It’s not only gratifying to see our work highlighted for others to see, but it’s also humbling to know that we are making a difference.

If you have a product you’d like us to review, a story you think we should cover, have tips on a breaking story, or have any feedback on the site, we’d love to hear from you on the contact form.

Our Staff

Leon Hitchens IV

 Editor in Chief & Founder

I’m a technology enthusiast and geek who turned a passion project into something more. I started blogging on DB as a way to justify buying all the latest gadgets, which lead to my freelance work at The Next Web and Android Authority.

I’m a father to an amazing little daughter, which has influenced how I write about technology. I see tech as a way to supplement and enhance our lives, but as a way to distract from the real things around us. I see how she wants to use everything as a touchscreen and expects nothing less. If I’m not writing or on Twitter, I’m teaching Karate to children and adults.

Kyle McDonald


Kyle’s an expert when it comes to the web and graphic design. He’s the mastermind behind the Digital Bounds branding and voice. He’s also helped shaped the design of major brands while he worked at Designory.

Kyle’s love for design has extended far beyond his career and influences his day to day. He looks at ads, websites, and other marketing with a different eye than anyone else could. When he’s not worrying about how to place an image, he’s out golfing or spending time with his friends and family.

7ipvD5T-Sunny Singh


Sunny is the lead developer and helps define the DB design. He’s lead the development with dozens of startups and is working to craft projects he’s proud to see people use. He’s always thinking how a website could have a better user experience or have built a system better.

Sunny doesn’t sit behind a screen all day. He loves to go see a movie, spend time with his friends and family, and even explore the outdoors. He’s gone white water rafting, seen every movie under the sun, and managed to squeeze in a little reading time.