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Pelican Voyager iPhone X case Review: An inexpensive military grade case

If you’re anything like me, I feel like I have to have a case on my phone. I’ve made a considerable investment, and I don’t want to put a low quality or poorly built phone case on my $1,000 investment. At the same time, I don’t like to cover up the beautiful artistry of the iPhone X. Luckily, the company Pelican, best known for their mission-critical equipment protection, offer’s an iPhone X case. Yes, the same Pelican that protects scientific equipment, our armed forces, and emergency services members. The same technology they use with the vital equipment, can now protect your smartphone or tablet. The Pelican Voyager case is a compilation of all that technology combined with the companies drive to enter the consumer market.

In the review I’ll touch on the price, the protection the case offers, and just how the Voyager case is a great everyday case.


For a military grade case, you’d expect to pay $90 or more, but you can get the Pelican Voyager for $49.99 from the official Pelican website. On Amazon, the case is only $20 at the time of writing this post.

For the price, the Pelican Voyage is the best value that you could expect from a phone case. The plus side of buying from Pelican is their lifetime warranty. This means if the case breaks they’ll replace it no questions asked!


The Pelican Voyager is a two-piece, clear case that gets the job done. The case is somewhat clunky. It reminds me of the early Lifeproof cases. While it is slightly bulky, it’s still totally manageable for everyday use. Pelican claims military-grade drop protection, which I’m more inclined to believe over other cases that are claiming the same protection. The Voyager design is pretty simple with a clear back and gray sides the neutral colors give it a nice clean look. The buttons are easily accessible except for the ring/silent switch which is hard to get to because of the small cutout for it. Overall this case is a great option to go with if you want excellent protection for your phone without having to carry around a brick.



If you want a phone case that showcases your phone and still offers some of the best protection, then I’d hands down recommend the case for iPhone X. I had the clear/grey version which lets me still see the beautiful back on the iPhone X. The Pelican Voyager for the iPhone X is the perfect case for the office worker who goes on a little adventure on the weekends.

Let me know what you think about the case in the comments below! You can now buy the case on Amazon for $20 or buy the case directly from Pelican for $49.99.