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Phone case companies aren’t making cases for the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone, PH-1, is finally shipping to customers after a data leak, delays, and executives leaving the company. Still, many customers are happy to have an unbranded, near vanilla Android phone from the founder of Android – Andy Rubin.

The phone does look impressive with almost no bezel, thanks to the top cutout for the camera. Compare the bezels to the S8 or Note 8, and you’ll see Essential has less than both Samsung phones. But where the phone stands out is the build quality.  The back is made out of ceramic, the front has Gorilla Glass 5, and the sides are titanium. It’s all meant to provide a premium feel and look, but those materials are also more durable and less likely to break from a small fall. Essential claims titanium doesn’t “scratch, dent, or bend,” but we all know how easily a phone can break from a quick fall. Essential is standing behind the durable martial by not offering any first-party cases. Third-party case makers also haven’t started making cases for the phone, leaving customers without an option. They have to leave their new $700 phone without a case.

Only a couple of companies are offering a case for the Essential Phone

In the video above from Jerryrigeverything, he performs a drop test that shows the Essential Phone isn’t as durable as they’d like you to think. The side titanium doesn’t hold up to every drop, and the front Gorilla Glass breaks. The back ceramic does stay safe, but personally, I’d rather have the back break than the side or front glass.

There are some screen protectors for the Essential Phone, but they only provide so much protection. It’s unclear why no major case maker has jumped to make a case for the phone. Customers on Reddit have started asking why this is and offering up reasons, but one thing is clear – they want a case. An obscure case maker named Viva Madrid made a case for the Essential Phone that is a clear back and appears to have all the cutouts. There is another case on Amazon for only $12.90. It’s more like a traditional case that’ll absorb a fall or tumble.

Let me know if you find any new cases for the Essential phone or if you know why no one is making cases!