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AImotive: A driving force in self-driving automation

Self-driving cars may have won CES 2017 – Faraday Future released their production car, LG and Samsung are working on self-driving software, Toyota released more self-driving tech, and every car manufacturer is working towards autonomous cars, in one way or another. One company, in particular, caught my attention, AImotive. They’re working on a low-cost, highly reliable, and of course safe self-driving car. Through cameras mounted around the car, they’re able to identify cars, people, and road signs. They’re teaching an AI through real world testing and simulations to make the safest decisions for both the individuals in the car and any pedestrians on the road.

While many cars use a combination of  LIDAR, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors – providing a large image of what’s happening around the whole car. Aimotive is working solely with cameras. What they’re thinking is – cameras work like the human eye, so they’ll train the self-driving tech to decipher snow, rain, and fog when driving. If the conditions are too dangerous for people to drive, the car won’t drive. It’s ambitious, to say the least, but the self-driving tech is still 15 to 20 years off. I know, Uber, Ford, and Google all claim self-driving cars will be on the roads in 5 years, but that goal seems far-fetched considering regulations and safety.

Aimotive is one of the few car companies working only on the intelligent software, and not trying to produce a car along the way. This allows the 100 plus team to focus on the self-driving AI, unlike most of the companies who are only working on the technology as a side project. Yes, Tesla is building autopilot along the way, but their real world data won’t be able to know all the fringe cases that COULD happen. Aimotive will have the upper hand in that case because their simulations will know to test for the edge, freak accidents.

Maybe Tesla, Faraday Future, Toyota, BMW, and other OEM’s will go to Aimotive to get their “license” for their self-driving ai-one day, or maybe Aimotive will power the world.

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