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The Hackbook Elite is a fully functional Mac starting at $329

Hackintosh’s have been around for awhile, but normally someone sideloaded MacOS onto a laptop like a Dell XPS, Surfacebook, or another laptop.  The trouble around all this is Apple’s terms of service clearly state MacOS isn’t to run on non-Apple hardware. The Hackbook Elite is a Hackintosh that’s a custom kit to build your own MacBook starting at $329.

The site where you can make an inquiry to buy the Hackbook is ripe with legal issues, and could be taken down by Apple any moment – I’m honestly surprised the site’s still up and running now. The person behind the site was a poor college kid who needed a Mac but couldn’t drop the money for a new MacBook, so he had the bright idea to build this. Now he’s selling it to anyone with the right amount of money.


The Hackbook may look ugly and bulky, but for the low price, it’s a great deal. The Hackbook is a kit where you get an HP laptop shell and all the necessary parts to put together a functioning laptop. While the laptop doesn’t come with MacOS installed, it’s easy enough to install and can dual boot with Windows 10.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Hackbook nd if you’re going to pick up a Hackbook Elite from the website!


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