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Turn any skateboard into an electric skateboard with this Kickstarter

Electric longboards and skateboards have become a popular trend, but the electric longboards on the market are expensive. Then the lower price and more affordable models are sold out or back ordered for months to almost a year. Now, there is a new Kickstarter that is live looking to change how you buy electric longboards and skateboards. If you already own a deck, you can quickly turn your longboard or skateboard into an electric powered one with their exchangeable powertrain!

There are three models of the powertrain – solo, cruisers, and R. The Solo powertrain is the ultimate, lightweight shredder for only $408 during the early bird pricing. The cruisers is a single motor dual battery for longer ride times, and lastly, the R is a dual motor and dual battery kit for the fastest and longest rides around. The cruiser kit is $574, or 35% savings, and the R kit is $807 or a 37% savings on the final retail price.


The powertrains can fit on most boards, and will let you transform your current decks into an electric skateboard. There is a mobile app where you can select preset modes for different riding modes from beginner to a pro mode with all out speed, braking, and acceleration. The battery and motor are water resistant, but riding in heavy rain or submerging the kit isn’t recommended.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going back the campaign Kickstarter, and which perk you choose. Also, don’t forget to tell them we sent you there way!

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