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Lectric’s new budget electric longboard will kill the Boosted Board

Watch out Casey; Lectric has a new longboard to compete with Boosted

I’m a fan; you’re a fan. Chances are you’re a fan a fan of Casey Neistat. An internet celebrity who posts daily vlogs about his life on Youtube. It’s also a chance that you found out about the most popular electric longboard on the market, boosted board. Boosted is a company that specializes in electric longboards. They just came out with a v2 of their insanely popular first gen. But recently, Lectric longboards just put their newest board up for pre-order. And they’re already sold out.

Why are Electric Longboards so cool? Why should I care?

Electric longboards are very cool. Especially if you live in a large city like New York or San Fransisco. They typically have anywhere from 12 miles all the way up to 20. Powered by an electric motor longboards are a cheap alternative for your everyday commute, and they’re good for the environment. If you have a commute to work in a large city, I would recommend it.

Lectric Longboard vs. Boosted Board

The Lectric and Boosted are pretty different. With the high range in the Lectric, priced at nearly half of the base model Boosted Board, It’ll be a tough choice –┬áNot to mention the Lectrics mounts for GoPros and LED lights.

Lectric Longboard

The Lectric Longboard starts at $449.99 and has a fantastic 15 – 18-mile range. It can reach a top speed of 22 mph. It has a 33-inch deck, and when it does run out of range, you can charge the battery from 0-100% in under three hours. Pretty sweet right? Charge it after your ride to work and have it ready when you need to go home.

Boosted Board

The Boosted Board is similar to the Lectric but has three different models that have different features. The lowest model being the cheapest at $999. The highest end Dual+ priced at $1499. Varying in speed in range. The Dual+ can reach speeds up to 22mph and has a 7-mile range, although Gen 2 will have extended range and faster-charging speeds.

If you’re in the market for an efficient electric longboard, go for the Lectric. If you can get your hands on one. And Lectric if you’re reading this, why don’t you send the crew at DB one for review.

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