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WWDC 2015: Apple Music Coming June 30th

Apple announced Apple Music, the relaunch of Beats Music, at WWDC this morning. “It’s going to change the way you experience music,” Tim Cook said, before introducing Jimmy Iovine. The service has long been rumored and talked about how it would shake up the music industry like iTunes once did. The service has access to the full Apple library, which sounds like the full iTunes library is up for streaming.

You’ll be able to try Apple Music starting June 30 for $9.99 per month, or $14.99 a month for a family of 5. It’ll be available then on iOS, OS X and Windows, with an Android version coming this fall. The shift from Apple only supporting Apple products to supporting Android and even Windows phone is surprising, but its the best way to compete with Spotify and Rdio.

The core feature of Apple Music is connect; a ping like feature that lets you connect with artists who can push photos, videos, music and more to their followers. It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and each artist’s official website. Unsigned and indie artist can all use the feature which is nice and prevents small unknown artist from having problems connecting with new fans and current fans.

Apple’s new radio station, Beats1, is being run by popular DJ Zane Lowe. It’ll also feature other high profile DJ’s from LA to NY so it can have music playing night and day.


Apple Music is a pretty powerful service that will surely be able to make waves in the industry and compete with powerhouses like Spotify. With its 24/7 live radio, smart playlist, and the ability to follow artist it’s an making it appealing for users who already use iTunes, and couldn’t find Spotify, Rdio, or Tidal appealing.

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