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Amazon Dash is the way of the smart home

Ordering on Amazon is easy, it only requires one button push. The company thinks there is an easier way, and it includes putting buy buttons within your home. Amazon is rolling out hardware called the Dash button that will let you press the button and order razors, coffee, paper towels, diapers all within seconds. Amazon already has a wealth of your information including credit card information and buying habits.

The Dash button is wifi enabled and lets you purchased predetermined products. The buttons are only for the product that its coded for and cannot be changed. All you’ll do is press the button and a small green light will appear acknowledging and tell you the orders been place. Then two days later your product will appear at your front door. The button comes with safe guards so your child won’t press it 10,000 times, and order 10,000 diapers. It will only work if the previous order has arrived at your house.

The Dash button has 18 different partners today, and the buttons free if you’re a Prime Member. It’s the easy way from Amazon to be in your home, and for you to never leave again. Some coffee makers already track bean reservoirs and order through Amazon once its low. The same idea is being built into washers, printers, and water filters from Brita. The Dash buttons is used for products that computers cannot easily track like diapers, paper towels, razors, and other household products.

The service is invite only for Prime members. The invites will be sent out in the coming weeks, and hopefully the buttons will be sent out to Amazon Prime members not long after that. It’s a great idea for Amazon to put purchase buttons right in your home. It keeps you within their networks and prevents you from shopping with other services or real retail stores.

The problem Amazon faces is the prices for many of these products fluctuates frequently from high to low. Subscribe and save users lock in a price, but the button doesn’t have a system built-in to lock in prices or alert you that the price of Razors has gone from $19.99 to $24.99 overnight. The button is for the lazy person who doesn’t want to drive to the store, open their phone and order, and for the late night I need this item.

I’m not sure if I want Dash buttons all over my house, nor would I always remember where I placed them. I do hope I get an invite I won’t use all the buttons mainly washing detergent and razors, but the rest seems like placing buttons everyone will become annoying.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Amazon’s Dash button, and if you’ll want to use the service if you get an invite!

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