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Facebook Groups: Another app to access Facebook features

Facebook has come to the conclusion that users want a different app for each feature from the largest social network. First Facebook broke off Messenger to allow for a better experience and to solidify itself as a messaging powerhouse against names like Whatsapp, which it later bought. Now Facebook took Facebook Groups and made its own app so users can better experience the helpfulness of groups.

While this separated app idea causes confusion and problems sometimes, its smart for the company in the long run. Facebook sees peoples engagement is falling as the site faces real time competition from Twitter. If Facebook can look more like a tool and less like a social network for all play it can stay around for years to come. We are mixing work, play, and personal life all together on sites like Facebook. And the company finally sees that this has been going on for years.

The groups feature is many times used by schools, work places, and friends to share ideas, work schedules, important news, and much more within a small group. If you don’t have to go into the Facebook app to do this more business and people will be willing to create groups for their friends or employees.

Shirley Sun, a product manager at Facebook, says the app was designed for those already actively engaged in multiple groups, a rapidly growing demographic for Facebook. During the company’s earnings call in October, the company announced it had 700 million users in groups, up from 500 million in January.

We use a Facebook Group internally to communicate, share articles, and bounce ideas off each other. Now I’m able to go straight to the group without seeing the timeline and focus on work while I’m working. It’s a smart move for one market and a confusing one for the normal user. Tell us in the comments below if you’ll download the groups app.