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Apple Will Pull Bose Products From It’s Stores

In the news recently you may have heard about San Francisco 49er’s QB being fined for wearing Beats headphones during a press conference. This is because of the NFL’s new exclusive contract for their high end headphones only being used on screen during press conferences and on the field by players and coaches. Recently Beats was also sued by Bose for a noise canceling patent that the company was supposedly infringing on.

According to sources speaking with MacRumors, Apple has called for the removal of all Beats headphones and speakers from the Apple stores. The source didn’t give an official reason, but we suspect that the fewer headphone and speaker brands in the store bring Beats products front and center. The deal with the NFL banning Beats headphones on TV could also have soured the relationship with the company. Bose does have strong competition from Beats, with the company controlling around 60% of the high end headphone market.

Apple could have made this decision down the road but these disagreements may have moved this up the road map. We all know Apple stores see high amounts of traffic during the holiday season and Apple will surely want to benefit from showing their Beats headphones front and center. Bose will surely be affected by this move,  but their high profile deal with the NFL could boast sales enough to make up for lost sales in Apple stores. Either way Bose will have a hard time to hold on as large speaker sets become a thing of the past and more users buy smaller products like Beats pill to stream music wirelessly.

We all know Apple has huge influence on markets, and this could be a deadly blow to Bose. Tell us in the comments below what you think about this move from Apple; Is it smart or is Apple doing something that will make it look evil in the end?


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One response to “Apple Will Pull Bose Products From It’s Stores”

  1. It’s a bold but yet very smart move by Apple. Sure it may look somewhat bad but in all reality they would be losing sales of their own headphones with the recent purchase of Beats to a competitor. Apple is just trying to cause another Monopoly and honestly it’s a very great move for the longevity of Beats sales.