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Destiny’s Vault of Glass

On today’s Destiny news we bring you more on the mysterious Raid mission Vault of Glass. This may be the most challenging mission Bungie will release. It will test all of the skills of each Guardian.

Bungie has created their most elaborate mission yet. It’s as much of a mystery as it is challenge. In this game mode players battle for loot and bragging rights. This is definitely for the players out there looking for more of a challenge than the usual gameplay.

Making things more difficult then they already are, gamers will need to join up with five of their friends to even play this mission because servers do not offer matchmaking. This game mode will require strong team work, success depends on it. Each player of the team must play their role and needs to consistently do their job. Planning and execution are crucial.

Good luck to all of you Guardians out there. For now i’ll be getting Leon caught up with everyone, which is much easier said than done. Enjoy.



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