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Spotify Premium is now half priced for college students

College students in the United States are always looking for the best deal, and their loyalty can be bought with a good deal. Spotify is hoping if it offers students half off on premium subscription it can get more users to sign up. There are 22 million college students across the country, and the streaming music service wants more ways to buy over users from other services. The price is now $5 instead of the normal $10 that most users pay, and the deal is only good for 12 months.

Spotify is trying to defend itself from other streaming services from Apple, Google, and other companies. The company is valued at $4 billion and rumors say that Spotify is mulling over an IPO sometime this or next year. The streaming service also offers free shuffling of music on mobile and desktop, which is drawing more users over. This half off deal could be a huge hit to Spotify’s bottom line because Spotify still has to pay artist the same amount for each play.

Now whether the deal works or doesn’t isn’t know just yet, but countless companies offer student discounts in hopes to earn goodwill with those users. If your a college student will you be signing up for Spotify Premium now, or will you skip it all together? Tell us in the comments below and also tell us how you listen to music.

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