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Google & HP Recall Chromebook 11 Chargers

Not long after the HP Chromebook 11 went on sale, did Google and HP end sales of the low cost laptop. The two companies have issued an official recall for all 145,000 adapters in the US; owners now have to contact Google for a free replacement and stop using the flawed gear. Now that there is an official fix it appears they will resume sales of the Chromebook soon.

The charger can cause fires and be a burn hazard for anyone that uses it. The HP Chromebook was arguably one of the most wanted of the Chromebook line, but it was pulled off the shelf so quickly. If you aren’t contacted directly, you can reach out to Google by calling 866-628-1371 between 5 a.m. Pacific and 7 p.m. Pacific, or by visiting the Chromebook page ( and clicking support. Hopefully Google and HP will get the Chromebook back on shelves for everyone who still wants one.

Source: CPSC


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