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Galaxy Mega Review: Over Sized Phablet

The Galaxy Mega is, well a mega phone. It sports a huge 6.3 screen that looks ridiculous compared to a normal persons hand, and isn’t even a full HD display. Below the screen is a 1.7GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB RAM which is the same in the lower priced, smaller Galaxy S4 Mini. Also the 1.9MP front and 8MP rear camera sensors, and 8GB internal storage are pulled from the S4 Mini. It has the normal components such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 4G and Android 4.2. This is all packed into a box that measures 167.6 x 88 x 8mm, and weighs in at 199g. The Mega looks an over sized Galaxy S4 with crappy specs and a crappy screen.

I personally like larger screens such as the Note 3, but the Mega is too large. Then without a stylus the phone is hard to use with just one hand, because the other hand is busy attempting to hold the phone.  The phone feels temporary, something Samsung is going to phase out. It seems that Samsung tried to see if consumers would like a bigger phone then the Note 3, but they didn’t want to pack it with too great of specs so they copied the S4 mini and just upgraded the screen size. The one thing about the phone they managed to get right is the button placement, which is almost in the middle of the phone. Unlike many other phones its where the power/volume button is place near the top of the phone.

Everything in the phone feels undersized, besides the screen. This is another phone Samsung is slapping together, and hoping something works. The only person who I could even image using the phone is giant, its hard to fit in your front pocket without it making an awkward outline. The other option is the carry in a backpack or for the women a purse, but then the phone is out of reach. The phone off contract is $800, but on contract the phone is $99 which is a fair price considering the average specs.

I have yet to encounter a phone that I could deal with it being my daily driver, but the Mega killed me each day. The battery was more then enough to make it through one or two days, but the screen was a large drain. I hated the size, and I cannot emphasize that enough. Many times I placed in a back pocket so I would not drop it, but I had a few scares. A lot of people in public asked if the phone was a Note 3, or commented how large the phone was. It was somewhat annoying, and one of the few times people went out of there way to ask what phone it was. I almost feel like I’m talking in circles because the only differentiating feature is the 6.3-inch 280×720 ‘Super Clear LCD’.

I cannot stress enough that for a normal consumer this phablet is unwarranted, and everyone should avoid this phone. If you want a larger screen shop for the Note 3 or even the Note 3. They have awesome features that include the stylus, and take full advantage of the large screen.


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