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WSJ Says Google Could Start Mass Production of a Smartwatch

An anonymous┬ásource has reportedly told the Wall Street Journal that Google could put a smartwatch into mass production in the coming months. We’ve know that Google is working on a smart watch based on some recent patents. The watch, which will have a lot of competition from Samsung, Pebble, and other companies who have all jumped in on the smartwatch wars. Google will employ Google Now in some way, which will act as a personal assistant.

Its unclear if the Google watch will require a companion device like the Galaxy Gear or the Pebble. It’s highly unlikely that Google will put a sim in the watch and have the watch receive information through your Google account. If Google would not require a companion device it would be one of the few devices that come with a network connection built right in.

I hope the watch will have a longer battery life than the current ones on the market. The watch will be different from the start if it acts as a personal assist with Google Now built in. There is supposed to be a Google event very soon, and it the event is going to have the Nexus 5. We could see a last minute device that many did not expect. What do you think about a Google Now smartwatch? Would you buy it over the Pebble or Galaxy Gear?