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WSJ Says Google Could Start Mass Production of a Smartwatch

An anonymous source has reportedly told the Wall Street Journal that Google could put a smartwatch into mass production in the coming months. We’ve know that Google is working on a smart watch based on some recent patents. The watch, which will have a lot of competition from Samsung, Pebble, and other companies who have all jumped in on the smartwatch wars. Google will employ Google Now in some way, which will act as a personal assistant.

Its unclear if the Google watch will require a companion device like the Galaxy Gear or the Pebble. It’s highly unlikely that Google will put a sim in the watch and have the watch receive information through your Google account. If Google would not require a companion device it would be one of the few devices that come with a network connection built right in.

I hope the watch will have a longer battery life than the current ones on the market. The watch will be different from the start if it acts as a personal assist with Google Now built in. There is supposed to be a Google event very soon, and it the event is going to have the Nexus 5. We could see a last minute device that many did not expect. What do you think about a Google Now smartwatch? Would you buy it over the Pebble or Galaxy Gear?


3 responses to “WSJ Says Google Could Start Mass Production of a Smartwatch”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Leon. This is great news. When Google produces a smartwatch, I know it won't be long until Apple comes out with their own. This only means that the stiffer the competition becomes, the better smartwatches we get.

    • Yes if Google comes out with one soon I will expect Apple to follow up with something of their own. But there have been Google/Apple smartwatch rumors for years now and nothing has yet come of them.

  2. Big hulking watches are a pain. They dig into your hand when you’re driving. They’re heavy, cumbersome, and don’t stay put on your wrist without strangling your blood flow. I’m sure they have value for some. For me, I see no purpose. If your phone rings, answer your phone, not your watch. If you don’t have your phone with you, you’re probably doing something where you don’t want to be interrupted. What I don’t need is a second device that gives me 99 out of 100 notifications that I won’t look at. Geekware.

    And “attractive” is not what I’d call it. Mens Diamond Watches