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Jawbone Up Review

I have recently wrote about Jawbone bringing the companion app for the Jawbone Up to Android. We have gotten a Up fitness tracker to review at last. It has been two years since it’s original launch, and the device and app has come a long way since it’s humble start. I have gotten my hands on the Jawbone and the Android flavor of the app. I am not a huge health or fitness nut, but I do like to be aware of my sleeping, eating, and walking habits.

The device does as promised, tracks your steps and sleeping habits. Now the sleep tracking sounds too good to be true, but since I have gotten it I have been using it. The sleep tracking does work as far as I know, all you have to do is press and hold a button which then tells the band that I am going to sleep. It then tracks how I am move through the night, from their it determines if you were in a light sleep or deep sleep. If you set a alarm they are smart alarms, which means it is it will awake you when you are in a light sleep. Then it vibrates to awake you anywhere from 30 minutes early.  There are also idle alarms, which will vibrate to either wake you up or to give you a kick to make you get up. These alarms can be set for 15 to 1 hour and 30 mins of being idle.

The Up’s app also allows you log work outs from running to playing basketball. You will also tell it how much effort you put into the work out. Now working out and sleeping is not the only thing the band and app are able to log and track. The app will allow you to log your food and drinks. It will tell you how many calories you ate, and then the walking and running tracking tells you how much you have burned.

The app uses your sex, age, weight, and height to determine how many calories you have burned. The band can determine if you were walking and not just shaking your arm to make it appear you have been walking. I have been using the band for 7 days now, and the sleep tracking appears to know when I do wake up in the middle of the night. The smart alarm feels like it is working when it wakes me up in a light sleep cycle. Check out the video below to see how the app looks, and everything works. Tell us in the comments below if you want this, or if it is too much to track all of this?

I like the wrist band; not only because it allows me to know I am eating right and working out, but it has a stylish look. The most part no one knows that I have a pedometer or anything special on my wrist. They think it is a wrist band, until I tell them or they see me sync the device with my phone. I would recommend anyone who is health conscious to get this device, it is not to invasive. You can sync it twice a day at the same time you brush your teeth. I sync mine three times a day: morning, lunch, and before I go to sleep. Tell us what you think about the Jawbone Up. Would you purchase it for $129 or is that too much? Tell us your thoughts, comments, and any feedback in the comments below.


4 responses to “Jawbone Up Review”

  1. I think this is a great device especially for people who are into being healthy and interested in the up keep of their body through daily activity. 129 is a bit much to pay in my opinion.

  2. I think this device is great for people who are into their health and interested in how their daily activities affect it. Although 129 is too much to pay in my opinion.