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Google Keep Hands On

Google Keep was announced a few days ago, and we now have a full hands on. Google Keep looks very promising, if integrated into with Google Glass then it could be the best simple note taking app on the market. In the video you can find how to use Google Keep, what it offers and if you should even use the service.

This is our first video, and we plan on doing many more. Leave your tips, pointers, and comments below. Maybe even subscribe to us on YouTube?


4 responses to “Google Keep Hands On”

  1. I found that bookmarking a link does not make it clickable and just shows as a plain text link. For a search engin I am shocked there was no snippet title and description at the least.

    • Wow I am surprised that Google did not integrate this into their search. I have not done much other then simple notes, list, and taking pictures that I will need in the future. I m going to try and contact and ask Google if that may be a feature in the future.

  2. I like that Digital Bounds is doing videos now. For a first video, I thought it was fairly professional, although it seemed unplanned (as in without a script). Either way I hope to see more videos in the future.

    As far as Keep goes, I'm really enjoying how there's now an official notes app from Google. The syncing feature is on par with Google's other services, and the interface is easy to use.

    • Yes I sort of had a script, but I was a little nervous and ended up going off script and winging it. There will be more videos for sure, I will try to get more ideas for videos.