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Updates From Design to Logo

The recent user feedback has sparked us to redesign the site from the design to the logo. The new site design has been live now for about a week, and the new logo has just gone live today . The new design allows for more graphics, and highlights the content more. I have also been writing more to keep the site fresh with the latest news. Yes, Joel and Eric I am actively spell checking and making sure there are no grammar errors. We want to thank everyone who has helped us in some way.

We will also be holding a giveaway for T-shirts in the coming days. The contest will be easy, and all you will have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered. The Tshirt were designed by Eric Mosley, and we are having them printed at KDLogo. The shirt will be ready next week, and we are going to start selling them for $16, but to give back all the profits from the shirt will go to a charity. At this time we will be giving the money to a local Animal Shelter in Converse. The money will be put to good use and will make an impact right away.

The commenting system is powered by Disqus recently so that you are able to sign in with many different social accounts. The system also supports community features, that allow you to see who is the most active on the site or what the top comment is. We appreciate all the comments, and love the loyal readers that come back every day. We want to reward the loyal readers and draw in new readers through contents, and we are building a community feature that will be put in place soon.

Overall we are pushing out a lot of updates lately that we hope that you like. If you have any ideas that would better the site please tell us in the comments below. We are hoping to do Youtube videos soon so stay tuned for those. If you have any suggestions or want to write for us leave a comment and we will get in touch with you.


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