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29: Casey is Vlogging and Leon’s playing Zelda

Welcome to episode 29,


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Personal News:

  • MeetEdgar: It’s a smarter way to manage social media. It creates a library of content which is magically shared based on shares, interaction, and other junk. It’s $79.99 a month but makes sharing and managing content easier than Buffer or HootSuite which forces you to compose tweets and schedule them.
  • Nintendo Switch: I finally purchased a Nintendo Switch. The story and what tools I used to find them are on the site. I love the console, have mixed feelings on the Joy-Con controllers, but overall love the console!


  • Fixed Product Hunt on devnews. Setup a milestone release for v2, will work on it at some point this year. Do a quick plug for devnews here.
  • Mostly been relaxing this week. Doing some work for Japanese-based startup.


  • Dashlane adds Touch Bar support
  • Casey Neistat is vlogging again



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