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Tweetdeck getting a professional overhaul for a price

Tweetdeck was once a third-party app until Twitter acquired the app back in 2011. A lot of users were apprehensive around Twitter acquiring the app, as the company was hostile to third-party apps. Yes, Tweetdeck has lagged behind with updates and is no longer an iOS or Android app, but it’s still the go-to app for any Twitter power users.

It seems Twitter is now doubling down on Tweetdeck with new features for anyone who manages a brand, professional accounts, or reaches large audiences. New features like alerts, trends, advanced analytics, audience insights, and more are being added. The features are in a single column, which feels crammed in, but I’ll take it.

Tweetdeck is getting advance features for social media management

Tweetdeck was spanned when everyone had multiple accounts. Twitter added multi-account support into their core app, but you needed to switch between the accounts. The Twitter app silos each account off while Tweetdeck lets multiple intermingle. In my case, I use Tweetdeck to manage Digital Bounds, my personal accounts, and a couple of other client Twitter accounts. Doing this through any other service would be almost impossible.

I wish they wouldn’t cram all the stats into one column, but I’ll take anything from Twitter. What I’d like the most is mobile apps for Tweetdeck! I am currently only offered the desktop version which is extremely useful, but I’d love to see the column view on a tablet or iPad Pro.

The new features won’t be free, instead, they’ll cost around $19.99. The price is fairly average for tools like this. HootSuite, Buffer, and others are $20 to $30 for similar features, but they also manage Facebook and Linkedin. There are services like MeetEdgar which cost $79 a month, so Tweetdeck cost $20 a month seems fair.

Now regular Twitter users don’t worry! Twitter isn’t becoming a paid social network, instead, they’re just focusing tools for their power users. The update will be a huge win for anyone who manages a brand page on Twitter, but only managing Twitter pages is a limiting factor too.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d pay for a more useful version of Tweetdeck?