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The Integral 512GB microSD card is the the biggest MicroSD card yet

Integral announced a new 512GB microSD card that’s taken the title of the largest microSD card to date. Before the announcement, the title went to Sandisk’s 400GB microSD card. The Sandisk microSD is still slightly fast at 100MB/s with the Integral 512GB card only offering speeds of 80MB/s. The massive 512GB card is classified as an SDXC UHS-I U1 card which has minimum write speeds of 10MB/s. It’s also designed to capture full HD video.

In the press release, there wasn’t a price included for the half a terabyte microSD card. What we can expect is to pay a hefty premium for so much space in such a little package. The Sandisk 400GB microSD is $250 on Amazon, and smaller 256GB microSD card is $130. Based on those prices we can presume something above $250, maybe around $300.

Integral 512GB MicroSD Box

The Integral 512Gb microSD will cost a hefty sum

MicroSD cards are often used in Android phones and more recently with the Nintendo Switch. The game cartridges on the Switch don’t offer a lot of space, and the expandable storage takes microSD. Games like Doom and LA Noir take 40GB’s of space, and with a couple of games, you could fill 256GB quickly. A 500GB card would help relieve some storage stress Switch owners have experienced over the past couple of months.  While $300 would be a lot to invest into storage, it does mean someone wouldn’t have to have three or four microSD cards to store all their games.

Even if you don’t buy the Integral 512GB microSD card, it’ll still bring down the price of all other microSD cards. The card will hit stores in February of this year.

Let me know what you think about the 512GB microSD card in the comments below! Are you going to shell out the money for when they ship it, or maybe you’re going to buy a cheaper, smaller card?