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OnVocal’s OV neck-buds are made for voice calls

If you find yourself on phone calls throughout the day for one reason or another, you’ve experienced the terrible call quality of traditional headphones. Wired headphones are less useful as we’ve moved away from the headphone jack, and having to hold the mic towards your mouth is a pain in the butt. Bluetooth headphones that wrap around your neck hide the microphone behind your ear or don’t have one. Neck buds often have the same problem.

OnVocal’s OV neck-buds designed for precisely that problem. If you’re a professional that’s on calls throughout the day; their’s a built-in boom mic to pick up everything you say. The foam earpieces block outside noise, allowing you to hear the conversation. There are quick buttons to mute, unmute, make and end calls, and even start voice commands to Alexa.

OnVocal OV Neck-Buds Black

OnVocal’s OV neck-buds have Alexa and let you make crystal clear calls

OnVocal’s OV neck-buds aren’t just simple headphones for phone calls; they offer built-in Amazon Alexa. That enables you to ask Alexa questions from turning lights on to asking to reorder some toilet paper. The OV headphones also provide “chat mode” which lets you lower the music volume and raise the voice of your coworker as it’s mixing out the background noise. This feature prevents you from having to fumble around to take your earbuds out to talk to someone for a few seconds.

All total, the OnVocal’s OV neck-buds are great for anyone who’s always on the phone at work but still wants to interact with coworkers. The battery life is 8 hours, which should be more than enough to get you through your day.

At $199, the headphones are expensive for most, but it fits a specific person’s needs. You can order the headphones from Amazon now! Let me know what you think about in the comments below; Are you going to buy them or is the boom mic a little too much?