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BrandSearch simplifies finding brand assets and colors

If you work in marketing, journalism, or any field where you’re looking for a brand’s correct spelling, color pallet, or other assets; you know what a pain it can be to find the accurate information. Not every brand has a forward facing brand guide and the ones that do, often make it hard to find. Some websites provide the correct spelling, or the color pallet, or even the SVG image of the logo, but there aren’t any that provide all of those in one place. Well, until now. BrandSearch is a new website that simplifies finding brand assets and colors.

The website has over 100 brands currently, and they’re always adding more. Each brand includes an SVG logo, the brand’s color pallet, the tagline for the brand, the correct spelling, and a link to the brand’s guidelines (if they have one). Some brands include Engadget, Hacker News, and Amazon.

BrandSearch HomepageBrandSearch has every brand asset in one place

Now I know you’re asking; why would I need to know a brand’s color palette or use their logo if I’m not in marketing. Let’s say you’re a startup founder launching a Kickstarter and you want the leading tech outlets to cover your campaign. You’ll want to show your backers that TechCrunch or Engadget covered your campaign by placing their logo on the Kickstarter page. Usually, you’d Google the logo or rip it from the website, but now you can get a high-quality version off of BrandSearch.

If you’re a design nerd, BrandSearch just gives you a place to surf. You’re able to easily find all the brand’s information plus they link out to the official brand guideline. The larger brands often put full teams on building a brand guide, which startups cannot oftentimes do. Now startups or smaller companies can outsource their brand guides to BrandSearch, without much work.

What do you think about BrandSearch? Do you think you’ll use it or it’s something that’s neat, but you’ll never have a use for? Let me know in the comments below!

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