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The Note 8 will redeem the Note brand

Yesterday, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8. An announcement of a new phone is usually a big event for the tech press, but this year it’s even more notable for Samsung. Last years Note 7 had battery problems that lead to a recall and tarnished the Galaxy/Note brand for a brief period. This year’s Note 8 doesn’t disappoint with a bezel-free, massive 6.3 inch AMOLED. The screen is nearly bezel-less with a small chin and upper lip to hide some sensors. The screen offers the same curves as the Galaxy S8, plus the Note 8 packs a SPen, dual OIS camera, and some amazing specs to match.

For the Note 8 to succeed it must do one thing – not explode or catch fire. We aren’t sure if Samsung can manage that, but they’ve taken steps to prevent fires and explosions. The battery is smaller than previous versions, which might cause some users not to get as much battery life as they’re used to on the Note line. They’ve also implemented more testing and quality assurance checks to ensure the batteries aren’t going to cause any problems.

The Galaxy Note 8 revives the Note brand

Samsung didn’t blink an eye when they announced the Note 8, but the company hasn’t forgotten about users who switch to other phones since the Note 7. The company is giving Note 7 owners who switch to another phone a $425 discount to switch back to the Note 8. It’s a small gesture for Note fans who were left without a good alternative.

Across the web, you won’t notice anyone recommend users stay away from Note 8. In fact, many outlets are recommending users jump at the chance to own a Note 8. Many say the phone offers small refinements on the Note 7 that allows the phone to stand out against other options and future proof itself against the iPhone 8.

Let me know what you think! Are you going to buy the Note 8?