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Essential Phone available with $260 in savings from Sprint

After weeks of delays, Essential is finally shipping the flagship Essential phone. The PH-1 is available through Sprint, Bestbuy, and If you want to save a little money on the Essential phone, then you should look at leasing the phone through Sprint. The contract plan is $14.58, half of the full $29.99 price. Only the black version is ready, but the white version is coming at an unannounced date.

Essential is also shipping the 360-degree camera module for $199 or apart of the Essential phone bundle for $749. You can also pay a month for the module from Sprint for $16.67. All of this news comes after Essential had delays and high profile departures from their executive team. It seems they’ve recovered from those high-profile departures, and have finally got the phone out the door. It is unusual to see such a steep discount at launch, but it appears that cut is from Sprint and not Essential.

Essential promises more accessories every few months

While the phone isn’t the only product Essential is working on, it is their flagship device for the year. If Essential didn’t ship the device, it would appear as a failure for the new company. In the blog post announcing the shipments of the phone, the company notes their values with the phone, but they also mention they’ll have more wireless accessories every few months.

As of now, the only accessory is the 360-degree camera. In the next couple of months, we should see another accessory or two.  Moto-Mods which is similar to the accessories from Essential offers battery cases, external camera mods, and a 360-degree camera.  Essential will have a long way to catch up, but with a new accessory every few months, it won’t take too long!

Let me know in the comments below what you think! Are you going to pre-order the Essential phone or are you waiting for the fall phone releases like the Note 8 or iPhone 8?