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Get the Amazon Echo Dot for $10 off

Are you looking for a deal on the Amazon Echo Dot? Amazon is running a deal for $10 off on the Dot, making it only $39.99. It’s the cheapest way to buy into the Echo lifestyle; allowing you to control your smart home, set timers, or play music.

You have until 12 PM EST to grab the deal, 5/24/2017. The price reduction matches the price during Amazon’s big Black Friday fire sale. If you don’t buy the Dot now you may not have another chance this year to grab the Echo Dot for the low low price it’s been reduced to.

What is the Amazon Echo Dot?

You won’t find the Echo Dot for $39.99 again this year

A factory refurbished Dot goes for $37.99 on Amazon, making the new Dot sound like a stellar deal! While Amazon will likely run more deals this year for the holidays, the Dot is at it’s cheapest now. During the holiday’s you’ll see similar deals but they’ll have shorter time limits and likely have limits on how many will be sold.

Amazon also sells bundles for the Dot where you can save $20 or $30, depending on how many you buy. Otherwise, let’s let the deal speak for itself.

Let me know if you’re going to buy an Echo Dot or if you’ll opt for another Echo!