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Andy Rubin’s secret startup is smart security camera called Lighthouse

Andy Rubin is best known inventing Android. He helped shape the smartphone arena and built an empire with Google’s help. Andy left Google in 2014 to found his Playground Studio which is a venture fund and design studio. From the fund and design studio, Andy is unveiling a smart home security camera called Lighthouse. If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about Nest, Canary, Netgear, and other security cameras that are already in stores. Lighthouse simply isn’t a ‘smart home security camera.’

Lighthouse is built on 3D and deep learning technologies that were developed for the DARPA Grand Challenge more than a decade ago. With the technology, Lighthouse can do more than other security cameras. The camera can notify you when your kids come home. The alert areas can be setup with natural language –  “let me know when the kids get home” – and when they arrive home you’ll get a notification. Nest can detect when someone walks into the frame, but Lighthouse looks more advance.

Lighthouse is one of the smartest internet-connected security cameras

Lighthouse will tell the difference between kids, animals, and other adults. The app will outline the person and pet so you can quickly know what happens. There is also security features which will alert you with options to call the police, sound a siren, or talk to the intruder. The camera can also detect hand gestures like waves to help someone at home get your attention.

Lighthouse also offers advanced voice search. You’re able to ask the app when the dog went outside and you’ll get all the clips with the dog entering or exiting the door. It’s the easiest way to search for video clips and events that happened at your house.

The camera doesn’t come cheap. Lighthouse starts at $399 which gets you one year free of the subscription service. If you pay $499, you get three years free of the subscription service, and there is also a $599 bundle that’ll get you five years free. You can pre-order the device today!