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Spotify posting jobs for hardware akin to Amazon’s Echo

Spotify seems to be working on new hardware that would bring voice activation to its service. A job listing for a Senior Product Manager had been listed and has consequently been taken down. The listing stated that this position would be responsible for a product “akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles.”

Another listing was also posted seeking a Product Manager for a voice related project. The positions Spotify is looking to fill already mean so much on their own, but at the same time? These listings force us to draw some suggestions about what the company could be working on.

Spotify Amazon Echo

Spotify wants their own hardware product

Spotify’s Massive 50 million paid subscriber base is a prime market to aid in bringing new tech to a stale space. Digital music players and streamers have largely been replaced by smartphones and Bluetooth speakers, and the company is well aware. They truly have to create something intuitive if their goal is to transform how we consume music.

Despite claims that this new hardware will be “category defining”, it is rather difficult to imagine a product that can separate itself from what already exists. Seeing as how this speculation is being drawn from job listings, it is likely this project is in its infancy and that we are a long way from any product announcement.

Until Spotify announces anything official, we will be on standby to update you as we hear more. Let us know in the comments how you think they can implement something new to such a stagnant and crowded space.

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