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Dreamscreen is back to release the latest in smart TV lighting with a new Kickstarter

Dreamscreen is back! If you don’t remember them the first time, let’s refresh your memory. Dreamscreen is a set of smart TV lighting strips that react to your what’s on your TV. The system worked with any HDMI system but used a splitter which limited the inputs using the Dreamscreen. The new Kickstarter addresses the splitter problem by replacing it with an HDMI hub and adds support for 4K content. The new hub comes in a traditional HD model and the 4K model that’ll react to 4K content at 60FPS. You can read our glowing review on their first model!

Both hubs offer 3 HDMI ports to easily switch between, an audio jack to use a sound bar or sound system with, a micro-USB port to respond to power from the TV, and options to fit a TV from 32-inches to now screens as large as 130-inches. The 130-inch flex system is meant to be used with projector screens or other large surfaces. In the Kickstarter, there is also two sidekicks who can be paired with the Dreamscreen to extend the reactive lightning.

Dreamscreen’s new HD and 4k models are live on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter has a goal o $50,000 but has already raised well over (Updated stat) $70,000 at the time o this post. The company already shipped one gadget plus they’ve already prototyped and setup everything to get the new models in July. Overall, it’s one of the best Kickstarters’ to back. They have a track record, are ready for production, and know what they’re making.

If you want to make your TV pop off the wall, then the Dreamscreen is your best option! It takes your ordinary TV to another level for only a couple hundred dollars. Similar systems go for double or are built into expensive TVs,

Tell us your thoughts below! Are you backing the Dreamscreen Kickstarter? Tell them we sent you their way!