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Google Assistant adds support for more smart devices

Google Assistant was the answer to Alexa. Google had some serious hurdles to jump to compete against Alexa or even be on an even playing field. Alexa can control thousands of smart home devices and has millions of commands from weather reports to fun games. Google launched with smart home support but limited the first partners to Nest and Phillip Hue lights. Google is gradually adding support for more smart home hubs and devices.

The Assistant is adding support for a handful of hubs and smart devices:

Today, we’re introducing new home automation integrations—in addition to the ones that already exist—that work with the Google Assistant. So you can now connect your Google Assistant to Best Buy Insignia, LIFX, TP-Link and Wink.

While the list of new devices supported is small, there are thousands of new devices support. For example, Wink supports the Amazon Echo, smart lights, and even a smart water heaters.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is still lagging behind Amazon’s Alexa

Before Google supported these smart hubs and products, users had to use IFTTT to connect unsupported smart devices. While this was a small workaround, it wasn’t perfect. There were connection issues, delays in executing actions, and overall it was a confusing process. The new devices include:

  • August Smart Lock
  • Logitech Harmony
  • Geeni
  • Vivint
  • First Alert

The list looks lacking until you realize how many devices these things can control. The Logitech Harmony remote claims to control 270,000 devices and Wink controls multiple protocols from Z-wave to Zigbee.

We’re getting closer to saying “Hey Google,” and being able to control everything in your home. Google still has a long way before they can say Google Assistant is smart and more functional than Alexa. Maybe Google will add reminder support on the Google Home – a person can hope!

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