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Google and Levi’s project Jacquard get a price and date

Google and Levi’s took the stage at SXSW to talk about Project Jacquard. If you aren’t familiar with the project let me give you a quick run down; Project Jacquard is a Google initiative to weave a smart fabric into a denim jack. The smart material would let you accept calls, change the music, and other functions you’d find on a smartwatch. It’s less obtrusive than a smartwatch and more stylish than most offerings.

Levi’s global product innovation head Paul Dillinger and ATAP’s Project Jacquard lead Ivan Poupyrev held a panel on stage to talk about a future without screens. During the discussion, they announced the commuter jacket, what they’re now calling Jacquard, will hit stores this fall and cost $350.

Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard hits stores in the fall for $350

While there is a delay, it’s better than no product hitting shelves. The company axed Project Ara, which was another ATAP Google project. The commuter jacket is a traditional denim jacket with smart features embedded in the cuff. The jacket’s washable and all the hardware stays inside the jacket even when you wash the jacket.

Being priced at $350 sounds relatively affordable considering denim jackets already run upwards of a couple hundred. Having some smart features included makes the jacket seem more accessible and affordable. There are multiple jackets here at SXSW for anyone who wants to try the jackets on or anyone who intends to buy some less smart denim.

Tell us in the comments below – are you going to purchase the commuter jacket for $350 this fall? Also, what do you think about the denim having the embedded technology?