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Find Digital Bounds at SXSW 2017

SXSW 2017 is around the corner, this Friday, March 10th SXSWi starts! South by South West is the epicenter for brands, social media influencers, and startups looking for a breakout hit. We’ve seen Foursquare, Twitter, Meerkat, and a handful of other apps breakout during the event. The event isn’t just about breakout apps, but networking with social influencers while everyone drinks, savors the best tacos and bbq, and appreciates some great music.

I’ll once again be at SXSW for what I like to call spring break for nerds. I’ll don a pair of Spectacles, along with my camera to explore downtown, Austin. Everything from brand activations, conference talks, and tacos will fill not only the sites social profiles but also our YouTube channel.

We’ll feature videos of the experiences during SXSW, vlogs, and if you follow us on Snapchat; we’ll have Spectacle powered stories. Last year, I visited McDonald’s VR lounge where they used the HTC Vive to power a unique experience.

SXSW 2017 coverage

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Beyond the brand activations which will pop up starting Friday and Saturday, I’m eyeing several panels on VR, AI, the current political climate, and social media/brand content. I’ll have write-ups, interviews, and tweets covering those discussions. They’ll help me shape how I talk about the topics throughout the year, but also develop them further.

While I’m excited about all the bbq and tacos, I’m also thrilled to see if any apps can breakout. We last saw Meerkat rocket into the mainstream, but it couldn’t compete against Twitter’s Periscope. This year we’ll see if any apps or service can do the same. I’ll also keep an eye out for how many Spectacles I count, to see if they’re a runaway success or merely over-hyped.

Tell us what you’d like to see covered! Also, tell us in the comments below if you think any apps can cut through the noise!