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Google Wifi routers crashed and need a full reset

Google Wifi routers are meant to offer hassle-free Wifi setup, management, and troubleshoot. Today the router inexplicably crashed. The reports are coming from both Google Wifi and OnHub routers are flashing a blue light. On Twitter, the Made by Google team is directing users to try hard resetting the device, while a support forum thread is directing users in need of immediate access to use the credentials printed on the bottom of their devices.

Google OnHub and Google Wifi need to setup their routers again

It’s unclear what caused the problem or if this could happen again. No updates were pushed out to the routers today, nor were there any app updates to the companion app. Going through the setup process again from scratch is enough to get most users up and running. Some users are reporting that hard resets and full setups aren’t sufficient to get their devices back online.

Mesh routers are comprised of one router and two or three repeaters stationed through your home. They’re controlled through and app, but this little error that Google Wifi and Google’s OnHub is having is alarming. It brings into question whether other mesh routers could reset or have issues around contacting their servers.

Google is telling users in the forum to reset:

To all-

Thank you for the patience over the last hours. Unfortunately, if you have experienced this issue you will need to setup your network again. Please see this Help Center article with more info on the issue and how to setup your devices again. We will also be sending an email out soon to all those affected. We will continue to update this forum and the Help Center article with more info.

Our sincerest apologies,
/wifi care team

They haven’t confirmed what the cause was, but they’ll have to address the issue in the coming days. If it was a software update that’s alarming, they didn’t test or vet the update. We’ll keep updating this article as Google releases more information

Tell us your thoughts; What do you think happened to these routers?

Update 2/24/2017

Google has acknowledged the problem with their Wifi and OnHub routers. They’ve confirmed they caused the problem that stemmed from their Google Account Engine, which was on the fritz yesterday. On the Google Wifi support page, Google has a full statement, and they even go to apologizing for the large error.