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LG teases the LG G6, the “Big Screen That Fits”

LG is back to teasing their upcoming flagship phone, the LG G6. It’s no surprise the phone would be named the G6, but they had to reassure any detractors. LG is also hitting it home their latest flagship will have a “Big Screen That Fits,” with marketing material that shows a phone without any bezels.

LG G6 "Big Screen That Fits"

LG G6 is going to be bezel-free

LG naming the phone the G6 is a no-brainer, but this is the first the Koren company has confirmed the name. If the teaser image is realistic, we’ll have a 100% bezel free phone. More than likely we’ll see a phone with little to no bezel. It’s best to image the Dell XPS infinite screen on the G6.

On February 26 LG’s 100-minute long press event they’ll unveil the much-anticipated phone. The only reliable numbers we’ve seen is the 5.7-inch “Full Vision” screen will have a resolution of 2880×1440, giving it a high 564 ppi pixel density but also an odd 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio.

LG also claims the phone won’t cut into your hand. The phone will fit perfect, but given they cut to no bezels, it’s a claim that’s hard to believe. LG has had a foldable screen we’ve seen at CES and other trade shows, but that hasn’t gone anywhere. A bezel-free phone could mean trouble for people who drop their phones often. While phone glass has gotten more rugged, it’s far from being crack proof.

Tell us your thoughts on the LG G6 rumors and whether you’d like to buy the phone if it is  truly bezel-free phone!

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