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Google to kill off Now Launcher for the Pixel Launcher

Android Police obtained a memo sent to OEM partners indicating they’re going to pull the Google Now Launcher from the Play store. While some bloggers are worried Google doesn’t have a clear successor in sight, it’s clear they’re going to bring the Pixel Launcher out to other phones.

The Now Launcher gives you an action window with recommended articles, weather info, travel data, and other info when you swipe right. The launcher was clean, fast, and integrated heavily with all of Google’s latest and greatest search features. If you want the Now Launcher – DOWNLOAD NOW!

Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is the clear replacement

Google’s struggled to keep up with demand for their Pixel phone since launch. It’s almost impossible to buy the phone unless you look at Ebay. As such, many users haven’t experienced Google Assistant or Google’s new Pixel Launcher.  The launcher is currently only available for Pixel phones, but like Nexus devices, the software always made its way to the Play Store. Google Assistant is slowly making its way to other phones and devices including the Nvidia Shield. Google’s launcher will also likely make its way to other devices.

They want Android to be one smooth and unified experience these days. Right now, it’s far from that. Google Assistant, Android Now, Pixel and Now Launcher, and dozens of different flavors of Android are floating around. If Google is going to bring Google Assistant to other devices, they need to kill the launcher for Google Now. I suspect they’ll start a slow roll out of the Pixel Launcher as more phones get access to Google Assistant.

If Google does pull the Now Launcher sometime this month or next month, many new phone owners will be left with whatever ugly Android Skin they have. There are other launchers like Nova or Action Launcher, but if you wanted to taste pure Android, the Now Launcher was the best option.

What are your thoughts on the Now Launcher being pulled from the Play Store?

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