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Dish unveils a 4K Android streaming box for Sling TV

Today, Dish announced the AirTV Player, an Android-powered set-top box that’s being labeled as a single platform for all your online streaming needs from Sling TV, Netflix, and even your local over the air channels. Since it’s an Android device you’ll be able to download any Android app from Amazon Video to Minecraft, but the device will come with Sling TV, Netflix, and YouTube preinstalled.

The device looks like a Wii, with its white and blue color scheme and dinky little remote. The remote comes with a way to find it when you inevitably lose it in the couch cushion or when your dog uses it as a chew toy. The device isn’t as dinky as it looks, there is 4k UHD support for your favorite show or movie. While Sling TV doesn’t support 4K, Netflix has some shows that will stream in 4K.

The over the air channels aren’t bundled into Sling TV, but instead, they’ll complement the 100’s of channels of the service. Sling, Playstation Vue, and AT&T have had a hard time getting all the local channels across the nation. The over the air support will allow them to stream the TV without having to cut special deals, pushing Sling TV beyond Dish Now or Playstation Vue.

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