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Facebook Introduces Facebook Live Audio to replicate live radio

Facebook Live is becoming one of the mosts popular ways to share live video, and now they’re adding in live audio – think radio (podcast work too), and Anchor combined for the digital age. Their hope is you’ll turn to Facebook for your daily news whether it’s in audio, video, or written.

Facebook Live Audio is only rolling out to select partners at first – They include BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins, and authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett. It’ll become widely available to everyone sometime next year. I’m surprised Facebook didn’t partner NPR to stream their live radio stations. To listen to NPR live you can use Apple Music – the best option – or navigate to a website, otherwise your stuck listening to different podcasts.

Live is a focal point for Facebook – Facebook Live Video (including 360-degree live video), Instagram live video, and now live audio. The company hasn’t announced if they’re going to pay any publishers to stream live audio, but I see a large market for podcasters to live stream their shows. They can have conversations in real time with listeners, which wasn’t easy before – they’d need to use a camera to record video and audio, stream that to Facebook, Twitch, or Twitter.

I’m beyond excited for Facebook Live Audio to open up to more publishers and everyone else, but I still don’t see the value for ordinary Facebook users. What would someone live stream when it’s only audio? Tell us in the comments below what you think about Live Audio, and what you’d stream!