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Apple has some deals for Black Friday, and It’s kind of disappointing

Last year Apple didn’t participate in the typical Black Friday madness. A national holiday where thousands of online and in-store retailers offer discounts on a wide variety of their products.

  • $150 gift card when buying a MacBook (from $1,299), MacBook Pro 13-inch or 15-inch (from $1,299; no late-2016 models are included so that means no TouchBar), MacBook Air (from $999), iMac (from $1,099), or Mac Pro ($2,999)
  • Up to $100 gift card when buying an iPad Pro (from $599), iPad Air 2 (from $399), or iPad mini 4 (from $399)
  • Up to $50 gift card when buying an iPhone SE (from $399), iPhone 6s (from $549), or iPhone 6s Plus (from $649)
  • $25 gift card when buying an Apple TV (from $149) or select Apple Watch Series 1 models (from $269)

Apple this year is not only offering up to $150 off, but it’s not even on current-gen products. Apples deals are only valid on products earlier than the 2016 MacBook Pro or an iPad Air 2. It would be nice to have at least $200 off a current Apple product, but no one wants to get an earlier model iPhone or MacBook Pro.