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Rate your friends, just like in Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a scary look into the future of the world with story lines relating to realistic VR gameplay, rating systems, and much more. While the Netflix original show has had mixed ratings, many are comparing the show to the beloved classic, Twilight Zone. On one episode of Black Mirror, there is a rating system that uses augmented reality to rate others and see your rating.

The idea isn’t far fetch, in fact, there have been apps that have tried to let you rate and find your rating, but they’ve been shot down because trolls take over the service. Now there is a service online, rate me, mimicking the service on Black Mirror.


The website uses your Twitter handle to give you a rating and then directs you to watch Black Mirror to increase your score. The whole site is a clever ad for the show, and one that will let you rate friends. While I’m unsure if the ratings are more than meaningless numbers, it’s still fun to see if you’re good enough to rent an apartment in Black Mirror.

Tell us in the comments below what your social score is, and whether you have one higher than me!

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