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Bitcoin is surging as Trump win’s the Presidency

Today is a historic day in the United States; Donald J. Trump has won the U.S. elections in an unprecedented win. As global markets and our markets have responded negatively from the results gold and Bitcoin, have both surged in prices.

It not uncommon to see gold prices soar when uncertain times loom, but Bitcoin becoming a doomsday currency is a recent development. Perhaps it’s an investment that could retain value during a global recession, but Bitcoin’s volatility¬†makes it an uncertain buy. At its highest, the value of Bitcoin was $738, but after some leveling out the value is closer to $730. The price is up $111 from a month ago, reflecting the worry of the upcoming election results.

The rise in Bitcoin is minor when compared to the stock markets which have suffered:

While Trump may not be a doomsday¬†scenario as many pundits have predicted, but it’s still enough to shake up global markets. We’ll have to keep an eye on the markets and Bitcoin over the next few months to see if the raise in value reflect the stock markets.

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