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IFTTT replaces recipes for Applets

IFTTT is doing away with recipes, and replacing them with something they like to call Applets. As a smart home enthusiast, I’ve long used IFTTT recipes to help automate my smart home. For example – I have temperature sensors in different rooms, which communicate with IFTTT to tell my nest when it’s too warm in a room. The service is, in my mind, duct tape to connect all the different smart home systems together.


According to Linden Tibbets, IFTTT co-founder and CEO, “IFTTT Applets enable a future where all of our services work together. Every business is a technology company, and every tech company is rapidly becoming a service. Applets help those services integrate quickly and easily, in a way that we can all trust.”

In theory, Applets will make it easier to developers to integrate their services with IFTTT. The problem I see is fewer integrations with services, which means you won’t be able to piece together a service with another service. Interestingly enough, Applets launched just a day after Microsoft launched Flow – it’s alternative to IFTTT.

Tell us in the comments below what you think  about Applets, and if you like recipes or Applets!

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