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Giphy will convert all your Vines into GIFs

Twitter’s shutting down Vine for their native video on the Twitter core app. It’s part of their layoffs and a broad theme of pushing more advertising-friendly content with pre-roll ads. While Twitter is committed to keeping Vine’s online, at least for now, there will come a time when the ailing company decides to offload the videos from their servers.

Giphy won’t let the internet lose those videos! They’re going to help Vine creators offload the videos in GIF form, and with the original video file. The GIFs you create through the service will continuously loop, link back the original Vine, but will lack audio. If audio isn’t a core part of the Vine, you’ll have amazing GIFs to distribute across Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram.

Giphy Loves Vine

Maybe Vine will be saved at the 11th hour by PornHub, which has offered to buy the video service. More than likely, Vine will die, and we’ll slowly move onto the next viral story. Either way, bravo Giphy for stepping up and committing to archiving all of Vine’s content. I’m looking forward to finding better GIFs through the service that includes lovable Vines.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about GIPHY introducing a tool to import Vines to their GIF service that powers a majority of GIF searches and GIF keyboards.

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