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Omnicharge is a smart and compact power bank

Power banks are relatively uninteresting with similar designs and prices, but Omnicharge is an exciting new smart and portable power bank. The stand out feature on the power bank is the AC outlet perfect for charging your camera battery, a laptop,  or anything you cannot charge via USB. There’s an OLED screen that tells you the temperature of the device, incoming and outgoing voltage, and the battery level left in the bank.

You’re able to extend the battery life of your Macbook Air by 8 to 13 hours, or power other devices like a fan or TV from the device. It’s also able to rapidly charge in two hours, and charge a device while it’s charging. While you may think a power bank with an AC outlet you’d be wrong; The bank is compact and slim, weighing at most 1-pound.

The Omnicharge had a successful IndieGoGo campaign where it raised over 2 million dollars, and will start shipping backers banks in the coming months. Then it’s likely they’ll start selling them to everyone for a much higher retail value than what they first said on their IndieGoGo.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the Omnicharge and if you’d need an AC outlet on the go in the comments below!

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