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Listen with us: How to Build the Future Podcast Series

Y Combinator has helped mold and fund some of the most successful startups, and they continue to help startups go from ideas to full-fledged companies.  They’ve had a podcast for some time talking about startups, technology, and other trending topics they’re tuned into. The podcast was a radio show apart of Wharton School of Business in San Fransico. They’ve had notable guest on the podcast and have interviews from previous and current YC members.

Now YC is introducing a new podcast series on building the future of technology and the world. The episode sits down with Mark Zuckerburg to talk about Facebook and what it takes to build the future.

The episode is only 25 minutes which is perfect for listening during your commute to work or home. The future episodes will likely have more high profile CEO’s, tech leaders, and other thought leaders. They’re going to talk about what shapes the internet and our world whether it’s a social network or self-driving cars.

This is the start of a great series from YC, along with Marco blog. I’ll be listening each week to see what guests they have and what they talk about. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new podcast series.

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