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Google Inbox recent update let’s you be more productive

Google Inbox is becoming more powerful with an update rolling out to iOS and Android. Inbox will start surfacing to-do items from Trello and Github along with a number other small updates.

Trello integration will let you better manage a big upcoming project or just your everyday life within Trello and Inbox. The notifications in within Inbox will alert you to what changes have happened and who did them. Github integration relates directly to repositories, acting as a running changelog of updates that are happening.  If you’re running an active repo, Inbox helps you stay on top of changes and updates.


Google Alerts which recently became near real time now acts like a newsletter in Inbox. Not only that, but you can now send Drive links directly in the app, and check for sharing permissions, so no one has to ask to share the files with them. Contacts are now drag-and-drop friendly between the to, cc and bcc fields on the Web, and you can delete emails in your inbox as well.

The update from Google is around efficiency and making Inbox more of a platform. Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms want to become the place where notifications and conversations happen, but Google’s working to make email the go-to platform where bots and everything in-between happens.

Google Inbox is more about keeping us productive and cutting out the junk, and they’re still working towards the ultimate goal of parsing our emails and giving us the most relevant information. Tell us in the comments below if you use Google Inbox, and what you think about the recent update!