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Dashlane and Google parnter to kill passwords on Android

Google is partnering with password management service Dashlane to build an open API called Open YOLO. The new API for Android will allow Android apps to securely login without any fuss, which means you’ll never have to encounter a login screen again. Besides the poorly named “You only Login Once,” the idea is brilliant and makes managing passwords a breeze on mobile phones.

Dashlane will be the first to integrate the API, but other password services can integrate the service. I’ve been using Dashlane for a while now, and on the desktop, the app tries to auto-login. The idea will allow you to generate unique passwords and have the password manager full manage your online life, so you’ll never have to copy a password or navigate to another menu to select which password.

By bypassing the login screen, Google is essentially killing the password, because you’ll set it once and forget about it. Once the platform is on other platforms, Dashlane will be one of the most advanced, affordable, and accessible password managers.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about “YOLO” and if you’ll be more inclined to use Dashlane over another password manager now!

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